Lloyd Palfrey

Global Head of Database & Technology, Bluefin Solutions

With new services hitting the internet almost daily, I am finding that my personal content is very decentralised and sometimes hard to find. I created this site as a simple and easy way to keep track and provide links to all of my posts.


You will be hard pushed to find anyone with such in-depth knowledge and experience of SAP HANA. Lloyd’s recognition as the first HANA Distinguished Engineer in 2012 is testament to his expertise in this area. Technology is in his DNA. Areas such as SAP HANA and cloud services are fast moving, requiring talent and tenacity to keep up with them. New technologies bring with them challenges, which is what keeps Lloyd hooked: he’s a man who likes to tackle challenges and enjoys problem solving. A trait which first attracted him to the SAP Basis area.

Lloyd has experience in working alongside over 100 customers on various projects: including many SAP HANA migrations, S/4HANA conversions, SAP upgrades, full landscape cloud migrations, data centre design, data centre consolidation & technical roadmaps to help clients understand where they are going, and how their technical roadmap can help get them there.

Through leading from the front and keeping strong contact with the technology, Lloyd has built teams in the UK, Asia and US and is now leading a global team of 60 experts delivering technology projects across the globe. This team has completed some of the largest and most challenging projects in the world. SAP have awarded Bluefin numerous awards for projects which Lloyd headed up.

Like anyone with a true vocation in life, it often seeps over into their leisure time. It will be no surprise that in his ‘down time’ Lloyd can be found working on his own personal technology projects, naturally with a glass of beer to hand.

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